Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cute Puppy Pix

The little angel is actually snoring! It just doesn't get any cuter....

Works in Progress

These are on the design wall currently....the first is for Another Little Quilt Swap. I finally got a partner who loves the same fabrics as I do! So I decided to use as many as I could! It just needs to be quilted and bound.

The second are the four large units I have finished for my charm lap quilt. So far I have not repeated any fabrics....but as each unit takes 64 different fabrics I don't think I am going to make a "traditional" charm quilt where they aren't repeated.

The last WIP is a little log cabin lap quilt. It needs 4 more squares. Then I hope to get it quilted on my longarm. I am still bonding with my longarm and quite honestly am a little afraid to use it. I made a nice boxy star lap and TRIED (operative word) to quilt it and it was a disaster. I threw it in a cupboard. At some point I shall have to rip out all the quilting and try again.

Update on Scrappy Log Cabin Square Swap: We currently have 3 spots open. These are the people I have signed up. If you are signed up and haven't emailed me your email address,please do so. Once we hit 20 I will email all the info to everyone signed up.

sawyer's nana
srk quilts
the roslaskys
betty's blocks
anna l
Let me know if you are on there twice,or not at all...or want to be added. I gathered these names from a variety of sources,so it could be messed up!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Scrappy Cabin Swap Update

I have been out of town for the last week and unable to post....everyone that has indicated interest is in! I will keep this open until the end of September,or we reach 20 participants. If at the end of Sept. we still don't have 20,then those that volunteered to do 2 sets can! Since most of us will probably do them scrappy,it really wouldn't matter if people did multiple sets as long as my tiny little mind can figure it out. :)

So....at this point,if all participants could email me at tlhcrawford@aol.com with your email address,I will put you on a mailing list to let you know my address and any updates. If we enjoy doing this,we could do it again and/or up the number of squares in the swap. I found that they take me about 10 minutes if I have the 1" strips already cut. So let me know what your thoughts are about sending in more than 20 this time ,or sticking with the original 20 as planned. Also-are you planning to make a mini ,lap,or bed quilt? I can't wait to get started!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scrappy Cabin Swap!

Before you say just what we need another swap.....hear me out. This one is different. This one is easy. This one uses all those scraps you have laying around. This one isn't due till January. This one involves swapping SQUARES not finished quilts. Do I have your attention now?

Here are the details. The swap will be open to 20 people. This will be a centralized swap,meaning each participant makes and sends to me 20 squares. I will then swap out the squares (yes you will get one of your own back....this makes it WAY simpler for me)and mail them to you.

1.Square is made using a 2" center square. The 12 logs arranged clockwise in fashion are made from 1" strips. See above picture. The square should be a petite 5" when you are done. Each participant uses their own unique fabrics,so it will be a wonderfully scrappy little quilt full of color and variety when we are done! They can all 20 be identical,or all 20 different.

2.Place your 20 squares in a ziplock bag. On the outside of the ziplock bag,write your name and address in permanent marker. Include a self-addressed and STAMPED (not metered)mailer for me to return your swapped squares. The squares are due to me by January 17th. LOADS of time. My goal will be to have them in your hands by February.....a nice little after-holiday project.

3. If you are interested in participating,please leave a comment and/or email me. The first 20 are in. Once I have all the participants,I will email everyone my mailing info. I may set up a blog for us all to be part of to post info/pictures,etc. Any questions? Hope you can play!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I just realized that I missed my 50th post....aren't I supposed to have a give away or something? Very Big Grin. I'll just have to plan big for number 100! I have kinda been burned out lately on sewing. I guess I went a wee bit insane for awhile there. Took some time off,and will probably venture into the sweatshop(also known as my sewing room where the AC doesn't seem to have any effect on the sweltering temp)today.

I am participating in another little quilt swap (Kate North's)and can't wait to receive my partner and start on that! Here is a picture from my house....I call it "Too much Olympics"