Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year....New Start

Last time I posted about how much I stink at blogging...I think it goes beyond that! lol I probably spend too much time reading OTHER people's blogs! The last year and a half has been all about changes for me....getting used to being a single mom and living in a tiny space. I discovered that I LOVE living in a smaller place...just need to figure out how to organize my stash a little better! year,new me. Here are the resolutions (hey once they're public I gotta stick with em ,right?)

1. Lose the debt. Learn to live the "less is more" lifestyle....for real.
2. Save more for retirement.
3. Drop the 15 lbs. that somehow managed to creep back onto my butt,legs,and gut. sigh.
4. Exercise MORE (I just bought a Bowflex Treadclimber...) I fully intend to usher in 50 this year HOT! :)
5. Learn to relax and stress less. I have a serious issue with road rage.
6. Learn to LIKE taking the big hairy dog on 200 walks a day....and let go the "I'll walk a dog if we get one" the teenager said.
7. Make my gifts for next Christmas.
8. Quilting...I have really been wanted to publish my patterns,put together a trunk show,and go public. I intend to explore this....
9. Do the things that make me happy.
10. Not kill myself in the Bellydancing class my daughter and I start on January 9th.'s supposed to be hell on muffin-tops! :)

There. It's in writing.

Oh yeah...and try to write on this blog a little more regularly!