Monday, January 21, 2008

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Here are my first 4 squares of Bonnie Hunter's pattern Scrappy Trips Around the World. I love it! Such a great way to use all my favorite fabrics! I am going to make this one into a lap quilt.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Challenge for You!

After finishing my "Along the Road" lap quilt,I realized how much I love to make 4 patches. So here is my challenge:

Create a "new" design for a lap quilt that somehow uses 4 patches. Anyone want to join me in this challenge?

Road to California 2008

Here is my haul from the Road to California quilt show.....I am embarrassed to say I am actually sore today from toting it around! :) This show is incredible.....I was like a kid in a candy shop! I bought lots of thread for my Voyager machine,a book,a few patterns,and a ton of fabric. Good thing I never signed that "No Buy" oath on Stashbusters! :)

Seriously,I am set to go here. Now if I could only find the time! I have to fly through the chores today so I can head to my sewing room! The ideas are reeling through my head. The quilt show is always a really big motivator for me.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Along the Road step 5

Now....take four of these finished squares and lay them out so as the light sections form an X as in the picture. This is one finished unit that should measure 12". Four my lap quilt I am laying my units 4 across and 5 rows down. This is so simple and fun to make! I like the way the light X patterns work across the reminds me of the wonderful Paducah 9 Patch pattern-but WAY easier!

If anyone makes this I'd love to see pictures!

Along the Road step 4

Sew the segments into 4 patches. Lay the 4 patches out with the squares as in the picture. Make sure the light squares are aligned as pictured...this is what creates the pattern. Sew into a completed square.

Along the Road step 3

Step 3: Cut the strip segment into four 2" sections.

Along the Road step 2

Step 2: Sew the strips together with a quarter inch seam and press to the dark side.

Along the Road Lap Quilt

Step one: For each square you will need two strips at 2" X 9" and two 3 1/2" squares. One of the strips should be a light color.

Along the Road Quilt

These squares are assembled into what I call my "Along the Road" lap quilt. I named it that for two,the light colored sections seem to continue along endless roads,and two,it is the title of one of Dan Fogelberg's songs. Fogelberg recently passed away,and he was my all-time favorite. I thought a little homage to him was necessary.

Anyway....I am sure I did not invent this pattern,but I had a wonderful time making it. It was an easy favorite! I will put the directions up soon in case anyone else is interested.

Today is the day I attend t he fabulous Road to California Quilt show. It is the best. I wait all year for this! I spend tons of money and get super motivated to quilt!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Kind of Quilts

I like scrap quilts. That is pretty much the only kind I make....I think it is because I am addicted to fabric. I own enough to open a small -ok a large-quilt store. Fabric buying,fondling,and sewing is like free therapy to me. I get a little mentally irregular if a couple of days go by without a visit to my sewing room.

My favorite fabrics are the civil war reproductions. I adore them. I guess cause I like the old fashioned kind of quilts. My favorite pattern is the log cabin. I am trying to branch out. I also like 4-patch,bowtie,churn dash,and rail fence.

New Year and a Fresh Start

Thought I'd try my hand at this blog a way to motivate and chart my progress as a quilter. The new year brought many resolutions for me....most of which are quilt related. Ok....just a couple of the lose the holiday weight and exercise more variety!

Here are my goals for 2008:
1.Learn to use the new Hinterberg frame and Voyager longarm set up my husband gave me for our anniversary. Time to finally quilt that stack of finished tops!
2. Organize my sewing room for more efficient sewing.
3.Utilize Bonnie Hunt's scrapsaver system...this woman is a genius!
4.Complete lap quilts for family and friends for Christmas 2008
5.Work on my UFOs.