Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scrappy Log Cabin Square Swap Update

The deadline-Jan. 17th-has come and gone. Alas,I only have 7 people's squares. If I don't hear from the other participants by Feb. 2nd,I shall divide up what is here,and mail them off this week. I learned that one doesn't give such a long turn-around time on something like this. :)

It shouldn't matter too much,as everyone did scrappy so its not like they will all be the same!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Civil War Fabric Mini Quilt Swap!

Most of you know by now that I am addicting to fabrics,mini quilts,and swaps. Sigh. And now that I am DIETING.....I am getting all my jollies via these vices. Want a cookie-make a quilt. Craving chocolate-make a quilt. Pizza? You get the idea.

So....I am hosting another little mini quilt swap. Here are the specifics:
1. Sign-ups open now until Feb7th. Partners will be posted here on Feb.8th. It won't be a secret swap,so you will know who your partner is and can exchange mailing info on your own.
2. You will make a mini quilt from civil war fabrics that is 15" or smaller. The quilt must be quilted ,bound,and contain a label.
3. Mailing deadline is April 1st.
4. Send me a picture of your quilt before you send it.
5. Let me know when you send your quilt and when you receive yours.

Can't wait to see all those yummy quilts made from my favorite kind of fabrics! To join,send your name and email address to:
Let the games begin......

*Update: As of 2/3 I have Bonnie,Louann,Debbra,and Luann signed up!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finish Lap UFO

This is an old UFO. It is the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I loaded it on the longarm and breezed through the quilting. I like this lap size as compared to wrestling with a bed-size! Then on to the binding and several hours later it's done! The fabrics are beautiful. Thanks Dad for all the tweaking with the machine-it worked!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Log Cabin Mini

Heres a little mini made from some of the beautiful fabrics I got last weekend at the Road to California Quilt Show......I kinda have a style huh?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Swaps,Updates,and More Minis

Lots to catch up on! The first picture is a gorgeous swap quilt from Denise . This is soooo me! She is truly an amazing quilter. I was lucky enough to see in person the lovely quilt she made my dad for Doll QUilt Swap 5. This is from the Quilt in a Bag Swap.The next picture is of my haul from the Road to California quilt show this past weekend. It was amazing! I had 5 hours and a wad of cash all to myself. I focused on fabric mostly. I did buy one pattern and a couple of templates.....and I was actually moved to tears by the beauty of a quilt on display. My husband and daughter laughed at that.

The next two are two little tops I just finished today using some of the new fabrics. Still need to quilt them. The 3 little minis are from Quiltin Kimmie for the Mini Swap Trip Tych round. They are so beautiful and feminine! The last picture is a beautiful little batik mini from Brenda. It has the tiniest little black quilting ! Truly beautiful! Thanks to all my swap partners!
Last update....the scrappy cabin square swap is moving very slowly. I have the squares so far from Kathy R,Shelly C,Tanaya G,Bonnie M,and Betty H. I will keep you informed of new arrivals and mail as soon as I have everyones!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

100 4 patches

This is what I spent today doing....100 four patches. Only 300 to go! I am making an oversized throw for myself out of my beloved civil war repros. These will finish at 2" and be alternated with a nice brown square.
Next weekend I will be running amuck at the Road to California Quilt show.....I usually do a LOT of damage here and come home with two tons of fabric. Oh joy! It's a sickness I tell you,a sickness....and as Amy Winehouse says:They tried to take me to rehab but I said NO NO NO!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Scrappy Cabin Swap Update

I currently have Shelly's,Tanaya's,and Betty's! They look great and I can't wait to start putting them all together!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recent Projects

The bottom picture shows minis 11-20. Several still need quilted and/or bound,but there they are. The top photo is the begining of a civil war 4 patch lap quilt I plan to make for myself. I LOVE to make 4 patches! I figure if I trade off on the minis and the lap quilt,I won't get burned out! LOL The lap quilt isn't big though....each tiny square in the 4 patch finishes at 1". The alternating brown squares finish at 2",so I'm still keepin it tiny! LOL

Friday, January 2, 2009

Scrappy Cabin Challenge due 1/17

Just a reminder if you signed up to participate in the Scrappy Cabin Challenge square swap,squares are due to me on January far I have Shelly's. Let me know if you need my address!