Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Civil War Fabric Mini Quilt Swap!

Most of you know by now that I am addicting to fabrics,mini quilts,and swaps. Sigh. And now that I am DIETING.....I am getting all my jollies via these vices. Want a cookie-make a quilt. Craving chocolate-make a quilt. Pizza? You get the idea.

So....I am hosting another little mini quilt swap. Here are the specifics:
1. Sign-ups open now until Feb7th. Partners will be posted here on Feb.8th. It won't be a secret swap,so you will know who your partner is and can exchange mailing info on your own.
2. You will make a mini quilt from civil war fabrics that is 15" or smaller. The quilt must be quilted ,bound,and contain a label.
3. Mailing deadline is April 1st.
4. Send me a picture of your quilt before you send it.
5. Let me know when you send your quilt and when you receive yours.

Can't wait to see all those yummy quilts made from my favorite kind of fabrics! To join,send your name and email address to:
Let the games begin......

*Update: As of 2/3 I have Bonnie,Louann,Debbra,and Luann signed up!


Desiree said...

Oh I am soo tempted. Will have to think about this. I'm already in the 4 seasons quilt swap and I started a mini quilt challenge ( http://bumblingquiltchallenge.blogspot.com/ )

Still, I am sorely tempted. Would these quilts be any cw repros or the person's color choice?

Tracy said...

Any civil war repros for this one!