Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

For you Holee! :) Since last posting,I have finished this log cabin (of course-what other pattern would I pick?) for myself. This one I did all by myself from start to finish. A rarity! LOL I recently discovered that I like binding WAAAY better than piecing all the squares of a top together. Well,as luck would have it,my dad says he likes to piece the squares together (I think he's just being a good dad)so bring em home to him! So my 130 blue pinwheels are packaged up and ready to go.

Tomorrow morning my daughter and I fly to Ohio to spend Christmas with my family....for the first time since 1987. Long overdue. Tales to follow. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season (see...thats the public school teacher in me being politically correct)and quilt on!