Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Kind of Quilts

I like scrap quilts. That is pretty much the only kind I make....I think it is because I am addicted to fabric. I own enough to open a small -ok a large-quilt store. Fabric buying,fondling,and sewing is like free therapy to me. I get a little mentally irregular if a couple of days go by without a visit to my sewing room.

My favorite fabrics are the civil war reproductions. I adore them. I guess cause I like the old fashioned kind of quilts. My favorite pattern is the log cabin. I am trying to branch out. I also like 4-patch,bowtie,churn dash,and rail fence.

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Kathie said...

me too Tracy, love scrap quilts and LOVE reproduction fabrics! looking forward to seeing some o f your projects and of course hearing all about Road to California and what you you bought!!!!