Sunday, January 20, 2008

Road to California 2008

Here is my haul from the Road to California quilt show.....I am embarrassed to say I am actually sore today from toting it around! :) This show is incredible.....I was like a kid in a candy shop! I bought lots of thread for my Voyager machine,a book,a few patterns,and a ton of fabric. Good thing I never signed that "No Buy" oath on Stashbusters! :)

Seriously,I am set to go here. Now if I could only find the time! I have to fly through the chores today so I can head to my sewing room! The ideas are reeling through my head. The quilt show is always a really big motivator for me.


blackcatmimi said...

Wow that is an awesome haul!!! I wish I still lived in LA or at least had been into quilting when I did! I must look and see if there is a quilt show near me in London :)

Happy sewing!


Shirley said...

Good load. But I'm wishing you had taken close up's. haha Oh I wish I could have went. Shirley in Oklahoma

Lissa Jane said...

WOWWWWWEEEEE!!!! what a haul!!!! sore? I am surprised you dont need a visit to a chiropracter! I LOVE everything you bought.. I am hanging out for a new to our town Craft Fair, its on next month.. :O)