Sunday, March 21, 2010

My New Life

Life has kinda gotten in the way of blogging and sewing for that matter lately. I haven't touched fabric or my machine in over a month. The orchid above was a housewarming gift from my two best girlsfriends.....housewarming you say? Yes,things are a bit different around here. I am one month into a need to feel sad for me,I should have done this long ago. I moved this weekend into a lovely little townhouse and am busy nesting and unpacking. The master bedroom is large enough to have a sewing area on one side.....I spent my first weekend alone,while my 14 year old daughter spent the weekend with her dad. I think I will have waaaaay more free time in this new life. :)

Anyway,once things get settled I want to make some quilted pillows for my new digs. The townhouse came already decorated in shabby chic style,so will have lots of fun playing house. Hope all is well with my quilting buds! Onward and upward!