Saturday, July 26, 2008

WIP Lap Quilt

Here is a little pastel number....way out of my normal color range! The blue squares are Lucien which are incredible!This is currently up on the design wall. I hate things on will probably procrastinate a bit before I get to sewing it all together! LOL This may be the lap quilt my daughter takes to college. Ok-she is currently heading to 8th grade so I am giving myself awhile!

I am torn lately between small doll size quilts and wanting to work on lap quilts. I don't have any plans to make anything beyond lap size these days. I have about 6 bedsize tops waiting to be quilted. I really like slightly oversized laps. What size do most of you make your lap quilts?

Today I am lucky enough to be attending the Long Beach Quilt show. I will post all my goodies after I get back!

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MichelleB said...

I went to the quilt show yesterday - it was great! I, too, like oversized laps. They are quick to make and easy to quilt.