Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is what is up on my design wall. The block on the right is 14". This is the first of 35 blocks that will be made into a bed quilt. It will take awhile as the pieces are small. I am waiting on yardage for the light squares and yardage on the brown setting squares to arrive. In the mean time,I started playing with the pieces I have cut out for the 4 patch. I rather like the way the simple little rail fence design looks as well. Each square finishes at 2". Both of these will be great ways to create the civil war scrappy quilts I love so much. I have decided that I not only like scrappy...but small as well. Love the way these small blocks of color look.


Lissa Jane said...

Hi Tracy

I just did a very large quilt using 3" finished 4 patch with an alternating block.. there is a pic on my blog if you'd like a look (Its in January).. I am now working on a 4 patch on point not sure how big it'll end up, thinking very large lap! I love civil war fabrics :O) I use civil war / 19th century repro's together, I am not a purist and I have no idea when the civil war was (I am an aussie, but I am thinking it was in the 1860's??) anyhoo I just love the colours of these fabs :O) I love your quilts :O))

Linda said...

Lookin' good...I love small block quilts nad this one will be a winner. Hope you bought tons more fabric at Road to California.. (tee hee) At least do a post so we can see how much fun you had.

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