Sunday, May 16, 2010

Advice Please!

I want to make a series of minis to put above the couch here.....I plan to frame them all in separate white shabby chic style frames...which size do you think would look best?


Not Lucy said...

Do you want just one size or a mixture of sizes with similar white frames? If it is just one size I like the biggest one as it is a pretty big wall. I kind of like the mix and match system though.

Tracy said...

I am just all over about this...then I thought what about a long retangular one similar to a tablerunner.....hmmm. Maybe you're right...mix and match.....thanks!

Tom H said...

A whole bunch of different sizes (framed), that when mounted on the wall will together, form a rectangle. Kinda like a quilt, but instead of blocks you have framed mini quilts of different sizes. Wouldn't necessarily have to be mini quilts framed either. Could be just left over blocks from other projects, that you mat and frame.

Susan said...

I love it the way you have it

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Quiltdoodles said...

I like the 2 larger sized. I am hoping to do the same thing. I'm thinking of either white or black frames. Can't wait to see your wall finished. What fun!