Monday, February 16, 2009

Scrappy Log Cabin Swap Update

Ok. No further blocks have come in. So I just mixed up the squares,packaged them,and will try to get them in the mail this week. Each person will get 22 blocks (combined my dad's and mine)and yes you will get some of your own. All in all,they are a nice batch of blocks. Truthfully-this swap has been like a giant albatros and I will be glad to send them on their merry way! :) I don't like long,un-resolved swaps and this one was both! You live and learn,right?!


free indeed said...

Sorry this swap wasn't as fun as anticipated, but as you stated before the overly long swap due date may have contributed to that...the 'fire' died out so to speak. I enjoyed trying my hand at so tiny a block and would do it again. Thanks for your time involved. Did you like the tissue holder?

Tracy said...

I LOVED the holder! Thanks so much! I keep it next to my machine!