Sunday, February 1, 2009

Simple Little 9 Patch

Sometimes simple is is a simple little 9 patch top. I was origionally going to put in a sashing row with little squares at each intersection. But then I looked at all the squares simply lined up together. I love its simplicity. But-how to quilt it? I want to handquilt it,but not sure what to do. Any suggestions?


Lissa Jane said...

sometimes the simple things in life are often the best (like myself *W*) why not do some simple quilting, like on the diagonal or even do something like clam shells over the 9 patches and something busy for the border, something to 'show off' the quilting?

its a sweet quilt!


Tab said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love simple squares! I think if it were mine, I would quilt in the ditch around the 4 beige colored squares. (I hope that makes sense.)
But no matter how you quilt it, it will be beautiful!

Louann said...

That is so nice. I think quilting on the diagnol would look great. I just found your blog and I love your quilts. They are great.

janet said...

simple quilting would suit this wee cutie, I agree with diagonal or all over fan quilting would look good.