Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Funk Continues....

Figured I'd better write or I might be disowned. Here is a picture from two friends Heather and Pamela and I wearing football jerseys on teacher appreciation day. Life is pretty much work and carting around my freshmen daughter to her various social gigs. I am currently trying really hard to catch the flu/cooties but am not going down without a fight!

I am still in my sewing funk. This is the longest I have gone....I briefly cranked out an angel quilt for dqs7,but that didn't count. The last round of my beloved doll quilt swap has left me with such a bad taste in my mouth I fear I might be done for good. Sigh.


Finn said...

Hi Tracy, I'm new to your blog, having linked over from somewhere. Of course I always manage to remember exactly who or where *VBS*
I read your previous post a day or so ago, and hoped you would find a spark in that creative soul you have. It sounds like it's going the other direction, and I am so very sorry to hear that. I think we all fall into those purple funks from time to time. Lower than snakehips when it comes to sewing or quilting.
But I truly hope you can shake off the bad taste someone left you with and get back on your horse and charge at another windmill *VBS*
Years and years ago someone told me, quite wisely, "don't let 'them'(any someone) steal your happiness. It was very good advice. Not always easy to remember, but I hope you find a friendly hugs in my words and will find your way back. Hugs, Finn

Holee said...

Good advice, although after my last blog swap I was ready to throw in the towel too.

I didn't realize until I moved where sewing was just about taken away from me that I am the one who enjoys the feel of the fabric, the colors, the project. It doesn't matter if I share that with even one other person.

Pick a project for you, one that you don't want to give away or share with anyone. Find something new that you have never tried before. Do it for you.

Don't let them steal your happiness, or blow out your candle or close the door for you..

Kim said...

I found your blog for the first time tonight and must say STUNNING! I am in awe of your beautiful civil war quilts. I started quilting just 3 years ago and have yet to determine "my style." You definetly have a great thing going with civil war repros and it makes me want to create some for myself or gifts, which is where the majority of my work goes. There are a lot of negative people in this world and from the sounds of it you definetly aren't one of them, don't let them win... do what makes you happy. Enjoy what you do and I hope you find pieceful quilting in your future. You really are talented and have a great eye!

annette said...

Just wanted to let you know that I thought you were an awesome "Swap Mama". I had so much fun creating for DQS7. It was the first time I'd done something like that - and it all came together - and I wasn't let down - THANK YOU for all you did to make that happen.

Hope the mojo comes back soon - you're so very talented.

Tracy said...

Thanks for all the comments guys! This weekend I am draggin my bum into the sewing room and doing something! I have been "playin with fabric"....laying it out,trying to decide what to make,etc. I think I am gonna just jump in and do something simple and brainless.