Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finished and a Challenge for you

I finished hand quilting this little lovely last night. I adore it! I have decided to make an over-sized wall hanging to hang above my fireplace in this pattern even though it make take forever. Anyone up to the challenge?


Carol said...
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Carol said...

Tracy, now that I have your name right, don't know why I put Terrie. Anyway, I love your little half square triangle quilt. I'm always up for a challenge. What are the rules for the challenge. How big are you going to make your quilt?

Tracy said... real rules-just to make something with half square triangles. I was originally going to try a large lap quilt....then quickly came to my senses! I am currently thinking about a 35" X 40" wall hanging to hang above my fireplace. The squares are 2" so it should keep me busy awhile!

Thanks for the comment!

Lissa Jane said...

you know I'd join you but I dont have a fireplace *W*
this little quilt looks fantastic, so my colours! I am loving 1800 repro's so much!
Enjoy the challenge

PS I am just funnin' with you, I need a new project like a hole in the head!