Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Style is a wall of the minis I have made recently....notice anything? Does something stand out to you? It's those 3 pesky 30's quilts! LOL You know how when you see a certain designer's work you know right away it's a Peggy Waltzman,or a Judie Rothermel.....I think I am heading to a certain style. I love civil war prints and styles. I love Thimbelberries. I can't get enough. My daughter calls my quilts depressing.....I made a conscious effort to break out of the style by making some colorful quilts recently,but those just don't make me feel the same way my little civil war ones do. Am I making any sense?

So I guess the 30's ones gotta go! LOL They will make their way into swaps I suppose. Who knows-maybe someday you will look at a quilt and say "That's a Tracy Crawford". Hee Hee.

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Lissa Jane said...

I am a former 30's fabricologist who is also leaning towards civil war repros.. I dont know what they put in that fabric but I am addicted!!!!
Having said that, I still love the 30's and I just have them in one part of the house and the others in another part of the house.. I like how repro's all work together.. makes stashbuilding AND busting much easier!

who is always happy to adopt orphan'd 30's quilts *W*