Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Small & Scrappy Quilt Swap Announced!

Ok....I know what you must be thinking: ANOTHER little quilt swap? What can I say? I am hopelessly addicted! And so I find myself hosting another little quilt swap. NOT to be confused with the quilt swap by that name. LOL Here are the particulars:

There will be 25 swappers. The sign-ups will close at the end of June or when we have 25 swappers which ever comes first.

The small and scrappy quilt swap is a QUILTER'S CHOICE swap.....this means that you get to determine what colors and patterns you make to give. If you are not ok with loving whatever someone has made for you,then perhaps this swap is not for you. It is also a secret swap,and the person you send to is not the person you will receive from.

The quilts are to be scrap quilts.(Hey....gotta make them different than all the other ones so you will want to play!)What is a scrap quilt? Using lots of fabrics and colors and anything goes....not an organized color scheme. It also means trying (note the use of the word trying)to utilize what is already in your stash. Quilts should be quilted and bound.

The fabrics should be 100% quality cotton. The size should be no smaller than 12" or no larger than 20". Include a label that says the following:Small and Scrappy Quilt Swap Summer 2008.made for____ by_____

The quilt should be in your partner's hands on August 1st. If you have an international partner,please realize this might mean mailing 3 weeks before the deadline.

To play you must have an active blog OR pictures of your work on Flicker. If you don't have a blog,then you must be ok to receive anything your partner sends. Although this is a quilter's choice swap,some like to get a look at your style/color preferences from your own work.

Another component: Please include 50 two inch squares from your stash in a baggie. This will be an interesting way to get some different scraps for more little scrappies!

Once the sign ups are closed,I will open a Flicker Group to share talk and pictures. To sign up,please email me the following info tlhcrawford@aol.com

2. Email Address
3.Mailing address
4.blog address

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