Tuesday, December 23, 2008

#1 of 100

Here it is ....#1 of 100. Only 99 to go. I figured I better photograph the mini with the other mini so you wouldn't think I cheated. :) I fell in love with the larger one which was made for a swap. So,I made another much smaller version to keep! Now onto #2.....


Shari said...

Tracy that is so cute... I would never have thought you'd cheat!

Lissa Jane said...

Oh I am going to love your posts this next 12 months.. I think you are mad, but hey, I'll enjoy your efforts!
Merry Christmas from someone who would be happy to finish 100 BLOCKS at this point in time!


Teresa said...

These quilts are so sweet Tracy - I love them!
I feel quite inspired by your littel quilts, they're great