Monday, December 22, 2008

My 100 Mini Quilts

Yes. You read that right. 100 mini quilts. I vow to make 100 mini quilts before January 1,2010. That gives me slightly over a year.Before you hurt yourself trying to do the math,that averages out to about 2 per I nuts you ask? Possibly. Over on the Hittygirls group,they have been discussing the children's book "The One Hundred Dresses". I remember that from my childhood. Then some of the ladies got the idea to make 100 dresses. I jumped on that bandwagon as Hitty dresses are a favorite of mine. Then I stopped to think about all the snaps (I hate sewing snaps)and gathering of the skirts. A couple other group members signed on to make 100 other items. Then someone through out the challenge to make 100 mini quilts. Dang-I can do that! So I quickly jumped ship on the dresses and started to plan my 100 minis.

Firstly,I decided that even though I have probably already made 100 minis,I would start fresh. I kicked around the idea of making them all the same size. I quickly aborted that idea when it became evident how much dang math was involved. SO.....they will all be under 15". I will chart my progress online here. I figure with all the fabric I have,even if I start to repeat the basic designs they will look different,right?

So......I slaved away all morning to finish up the last of my commitments swap-wise. Then I made and quilted my first mini. Tonight I will bind it and post #1 tomorrow.

Now. ......I know sometimes there will be crazy weeks when I can't crank em out. But that is what my summer vacation is for,right? When I have all 100,perhaps I'll write a book,take my trunk show on the road,and become rich and famous. Ha!

Anyone crazy enough to join me? :)


Quilt Hollow said...

What a goal!! Wow....just thinking about 2 a week seems daunting. You bet, I'll be watching your progress....and be envious of all your new little quilts! Happy Holidays

abxkris said...

Thank goodness I'm not crazy enough to join you :) But I think if I were in your situation (having discussed a book, others making 100 of something etc. etc.) I may have done the same thing. Good luck. I think you can do it!

Shari said...

I don't think I'll join you on 100 minis... I have every confidence you will succeed! And then I can just bask in your sunshine!

Simone de Klerk said...

Good luck to your! 100 seems so far away. I'm looking forward to your different mini quilts! Merry merry Christmas to you and your family!

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Oh I wish I could join in the fun with you !! However with college and work there is no way I could finish 100 mini's in a year maybe in 3 years LOL :) I can't wait to see all of your min's though.

Tom H said...

Well now! If I agree to 100 of anything and say so here, few of friends would find out. So, I'll do 100 hand carved Santa's (tree ornaments and pins).

Tom H