Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Changin' the Rules

I have been pondering this challenge I bestowed upon myself.....the 100 mini quilts by next year. I like the simplicity of the "Hitty Quilt" with no batting or binding. BUT....having said that,they just don't seem like quilts to me. So.....I am proposing this. When time is of the essence,I shall make the "Hitty Quilts". Other times,my usual minis with batting and binding. I can change the rules,right? No quilt police will pound on my door. While I'm being will obviously see several "patterns" repeated,just with different fabrics....and I may use some that I made prior to "the challenge" Hey-I may be crazy,but the goal of this project isn't to land in the looney bin after all. A person has to have priorities,right?

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